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Taming the Money Sharks


Want to swim possibly in “Shark-infested waters” and still survive? Better yet, even get rich, by taming the money sharks?

Congratulations! You will be reading 8 simple ways to beat the market and protect yourself from the sharks. You can even get rich systematically and highly simplify your investments.
Most of us want to get rich, but do not have
1) Time (as we are already very busy with regular work, family, etc….), or
2) Experience (as our professions are not directly investment related), or
3) Focus (as we are generally bombarded by “mis-information”).

During my 40 years of investments, I have played with many types of money sharks. Based on my battlefield experience plus the lessons learned from my own friends and co-workers, I have distilled for you some down-to-earth steps for you to consider and follow. You may already have read good books on investments in the past. However, I have set forth below 8 super Easy-To-Follow Maxims of Investments to optimize your results.

I also realize that you have no time or patience to deal with typical investment jargons as typical in many investment books. I wish to reduce your frustration in dealing with investment terminology, thus I eliminated them as much as possible, while still preserving effective advice to you!

While no investment strategies are One Size Fit All, here are some proven principles for dealing with ongoing uncertainties ….. and reduce your losses, and maximize your gains!

I realize that each of you have your own objectives, strategies and expected results. Thus, I encourage you to modify my investment principles to fit your own portfolio and risk levels, whether you want to have investment results to satisfy near term objectives, (e.g. buying a nice car, a new house), or long term (such as saving for college education or retirement).

After reading this book, you will be able to “swim in your own waters of investments,” away from “investment sharks”, literally and figuratively.

Sharks in this book refer at least 2 types of sharks:
A. The first type are just “regular” sharks that they are huge operators. They execute huge buy/​sell orders in the stock market based on their own needs. They do not purposely attack “small investors or any other investors for that matter! However, due to their huge size, if any one happens to be in the way of their normal operations, they would definitely get hurt!

B. The second type is malicious sharks in that they would purposely scheme against any investors (especially small investors). These sharks would use deception to trick and attack the unwary investors causing “blood loss” or “total incapacitation”.

I sincerely hope that you profit from this book as much as I enjoyed creating it!